Custom Built Drag Racing Engines and Custom Built Pump Gas Crate Engines By Shafiroff Racing

Scott Shafiroff Racing Engine Rebuilding Services

Scott Shafiroff Racing Engine Rebuilding Services


SSRE Has Been Building Race Winning Engines And High Performance Pump Gas Engines For Over 45 Years!

Whether you need an end of season Winter Freshen Up, a Rebuild to fix a failure or if you are simply looking to produce More Power, we offer great pricing, the fastest turnaround in the industry and have the parts and experience to get you going FAST!!

DYNO SERVICES: We also offer our state of the art dyno cell for rent at $750 per session. With 8 EG sensors and our expert advice we can help you to get the maximum power out of your combination! You spin the wrenches, we pull the handle and throw in the tune-up advice for FREE!!

Typical Parts and Labor Include:

  • Completely disassemble your engine and inspect each component for wear or damage
  • Disassemble your cylinder heads and inspect for wear or damage
  • Check valves, valve guides and seats
  • Boil block, brush oil galleys and tap head bolt and main cap holes
  • Paint outside of block with hi-temp paint
  • Check rod and crank sizing, boil & polish crankshaft
  • Install new cam bearings
  • Hone block with torque plate
  • Disassemble and inspect oil pump
  • Assemble complete engine, check all bearing clearances and end play
  • Includes new Total Seal 1/16 ringset, Clevite H Series bearings, FelPro head gaskets, timing cover, oil pan, valve cover gaskets and rear main seal
  • Degree cam, check piston to valve clearance, verify top dead center and set pointer
  • Assemble cylinder heads, check spring pressure, set spring heights and install new seals
  • Break-in engine to seat rings and test power output and provide actual dyno sheet
  • Check for leaks, verify proper oil pressure, check individual cylinder leakage and compression
  • Cut oil filter open and inspect

Basic Rebuild Package

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